On-Site Blind Cleaning

Same Day Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning - All types of Blinds & Shades
Residential & Commercial  512-918-3333


On-Site Blind Cleaning (OSBC) is a specialized service company that uses modern ultrasonic technology to clean aluminum miniblinds, faux/polywood, composite wood, and 2" wood venetian blinds, PVC or fabric vertical blinds, polyester fabric pleated, honeycomb, and cellular shades, and interior solar roller screens. At OSBC we ultrasonically clean, not dust, the grime from the blinds, shades, and screens. OSBC also offers new sales and installations for replacements or additions of blinds, shades, and screens.

Ultrasonic sound waves generated through a warm soapy, spot free , de-ionized water not only cleans the surfaces of the blinds, shades, and screens, but also the cords, ladders, and wands while lubricating the internal headrail mechanisms. This thorough yet gentle cleaning process is the safest method available in the industry as all cleansing agents are biodegradable. OSBC cleans all types of blinds and shades, including those in your home, commercial offices, restaurants, and   industrial spaces.

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